HH44 – interior design

Today we will talk about the not fake development of yachting, which was demonstrated by the example of HH44 Paul and James Hakes (respectively, the general director and naval architect of the company). The result of their joint work was a new interior design for the HH44 model.

Living space

The company is a manufacturing company, but almost every boat is customized by a large percentage. This is due to the fact that there is a detailed communication with the client in order to understand exactly what he wants to see on the deck of his yacht. Therefore, mass production works on the assembly of the base, and individual characteristics and features can vary greatly. Over the 7 years of the company’s activity, many excellent, comfortable and reliable models have been created, but it was in this one that the ideals and vision of engineers and designers were embodied.

The HH44 is not as well suited for customization due to its price point. This imposed certain restrictions on the company’s activities and the project implementation process. In this regard, the interior was designed taking into account decorative elements, but to a lesser extent affected the functional side, equipment.


The compositional center of the yacht is the U-shaped kitchen. It is located on the port side and has the same configuration as on model No. 50, which in practice turned out to be extremely functional and convenient. This room combines several important aspects, in particular, there are no large spaces, because it can be dangerous in the open ocean. Even if you are just trying to go a short distance from point A to point B, you will encounter rolling. A wave literally a meter high already creates a constant rocking of the vessel from side to side.

In fact, the interiors of large yachts with free spaces look good only at exhibitions. In practice, such a configuration can be dangerous, falling, and being easily injured.

On the opposite side of the kitchen there is a large sofa that occupies a square of 2×2 meters. This is an extremely comfortable and functional element that will help accommodate more than one person. The interior is complemented by other practical features, such as a table that slides out and stows back into the pilot’s couch.

Into account decorative elements

Distant work

The navigation station has become one of the key objects of the boat, moreover, it is larger than what is installed on the HH50. The idea to create such a workspace was born from the recent events related to the pandemic, when millions of people around the world were forced to work remotely. Many people liked this idea, because now it will be possible to work not only from the comfort of home, but also from the comfort of the yacht.

It is for those who are ready to work in any place and time of the day that this large navigation table is used. It is easy to place everything you need for activities on it, it can be a laptop or any other electronics.


The two front windows can be opened for natural air circulation on the go. They fold up, so they automatically become a shield that protects from the rain.

Behind the mast are port lights, they open inward.

The boat is equipped with a fairly large lithium-ion battery, which is necessary for the full operation of the hybrid power plant system. Compared to the needs of the motor, the air conditioning system consumes less energy. As a result, if you start drifting, but use only the air conditioner, the energy reserve will be enough for a week.

In addition to this system, there are solar panels that replenish the supply on clear days. Theoretically, this allows you to get almost complete autonomy.


Particular attention in the development of the interior was given to the comfort of the future owner. Considering that a person sleeps for a third of his life, our engineers and designers could not ignore the issue of installing a quality bed. As a result, we placed a special ergonomic bed on board, which is equipped with plastic springs, foam filler with a memory effect.

The pillows here are also made of foam, they are the result of a long period of research aimed at finding the most comfortable and ergonomic household items. To combine all the necessary aspects, they received a layered structure, the outer is made softer, porous, with better air flow, so that they are comfortable to use for a long time.


The statistics show that people are getting taller, especially among Americans, our main target audience. To understand this issue, we conducted a comprehensive analysis over the past 4 decades. Based on the collected information, we have designed interiors where the gaps vary in height within 6 feet and 6-8 inches. Headroom in the boat format is an effective factor that gives a feeling of freedom.


Lockers in the front of the yacht can be considered the pride of the company – it is really very convenient and functional. Scuba gear, diving equipment and a compressor are traditionally placed here.

The place of the engine room is occupied by an empty room, which can be used at your discretion. At the same time, everything that is traditionally located in the engine compartment has not disappeared, but thanks to modern technologies, everything has been arranged more compactly, freeing up space.

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